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February 3, 2009

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i finally got around to watching slumdog millionaire yesterday and today. i’d only heard great things about the film, and that it is a must-see. i think i was expecting it to be more “uplifting” or “full of hope,” but i have to admit that it was kind of a downer – albeit a downer that is amazingly written and shot and acted. the thing is, though, that life for orphans in mumbai is often depressing and dangerous, so i’m glad that the movie didn’t try to paint it as anything else. there is a lot more that i could say, but i’ll leave it at this – watch it for yourself, but only watch if you’re ready to have your heart break a little bit.

on a related note, i’m so happy and intrigued that indian culture is steadily making its way into western media. bride and prejudice, anyone? also, it’s probably about time for me to finish reading maximum city, since it’s been on my bookshelf for about three years, eh?

two of my favorite things about india were the chai and the hospitality that was so freely offered to anyone by everyone. when i lived in cincinnati, i had chai parties every sunday night – i’d make a big pot of homemade chai and anyone who wanted to would come over and drink it while we watched the simpsons and talked about any/everything…any takers if i brought the chai back?


3 Responses to “”

  1. Carrie Says:

    The chai the chai I LOVED the chai!!! sigh.

  2. hellokjames Says:

    i loved that movie.

  3. sj Says:

    I tried to see it but erroneously assumed I could just walk up to the independent theatre in town and buy tickets. They were sold out for the whole week! šŸ™‚
    As for Bride and Prejudice – that’s an amazing movie I love pulling out and introducing to others (perhaps I can get Matthew to watch it?…uh..then again…hehe)

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