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it’s a record! March 10, 2008

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apparently, the 20 inches of snow that hit columbus this weekend broke a record. go buckeyes! today has been just as quiet as yesterday for the fox household, but a little more productive. sadly, daniel is feeling sick with a huge headache and nausea. but i’ve managed to get some homework done, make a big pan of baked rotini to pack for lunches this week, and dig out my car. ok. i didn’t actually dig out my car aside from some easy brushing off of the light snow on the roof. it only took about five minutes of that before our next door neighbors (from both sides) came out with their big shovels and started digging away. i really do love our neighborhood. and while i’ve always enjoyed saying hello to our neighbors, i’m kind of amazed at how much more i learned about them by just standing there, watching them make my day much easier and asking a few questions. now i just need to bake a couple of batches of cookies to say thanks. does anyone know of a great diabetic cookie recipe?

after the car got dug out, it only seemed natural to venture to kroger for a few essentials, like dog food and eggs. sadly, after dragging my sick husband out of bed so that he could help carry the dog food, kroger was dark and closed, as was pretty much all of main street between here and there. sigh. it looks like blaze will be getting extra treats until tomorrow.

stay warm and sleep tight, dear ones!


urban snowscape March 9, 2008

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snow day

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snow day

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i had such wonderful, lovely plans to drive to indiana this morning and spend a girls’ weekend with some of my favorite women from college, including two dear friends who are both having their first babies just before baby fox arrives, and two other friends – one from each coast. clearly, the “blizzard of ’08” thwarted my dreams of celebrating new life and drinking lots of tea with some truly amazing women. sigh.

instead, i have gotten some quality lazy-time with my husband, and blaze has proved herself to be a trooper in nearly two feet of snow. i’ve caught up on some napping, watched lots of internet tv, and spent some time in the kitchen. homemade whole-wheat pancakes for breakfast! (i can’t really remember the last time daniel and i have made an actual from-scratch breakfast, or even the last time we ate breakfast together) not-so-homemade tuna helper cheesy melt for lunch! homemade chai for tea time! homemade peanut butter cookies for dinner!

baby girl has been relatively quiet through all of it, but she seems to be waking up and getting her exercise now, as is par for the course lately. i suppose i should start getting used to sleep deprivation now, eh?

sweet dreams, everyone!


another first (warning, political opinions included…) March 5, 2008

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it’s a big day for the women in the fox household – i voted in my first-ever primary election, and baby girl joined me for her first political action while in utero.  hurrah for democracy!  i’m already planning her first educational road trip to d.c. in january so that she can witness the inauguration of our first african-american president. (i’m practicing the power of positive thinking.)  now we’re just chillin’ together – she’s kicking and punching, and i’m nervously checking election results on cnn while i work on homework.

sigh.  i think i’m going to eat some ice cream.