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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

107781329975170089 February 26, 2004

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would anyone like to give a cat a home? sophie is a little over two years old, and is very well-behaved and gentle. she likes to cuddle, but is also independent. she is grey and small to medium. she also gets along with other animals. (she and blaze are best friends.) just e-mail me if you want her!


107764791881095193 February 24, 2004

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hmm. i have had better days. actually, i have had better weeks. nothing really horrible. my life is actually very happy and healthy, but i am so freakin’ tired of having to pay money for my car! $800 last week, and after an accident last friday night, hundreds more. aargh. but at least my anxiety level is lower this week.

i have a great family and community. and i am in love.

also, i recommend auto foreign in cincinnati if you need work done on a volkswagen. dave and chris there are very nice and helpful and understand what it’s like to be poor.


107722185784495225 February 19, 2004

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according to this quiz, dennis kucinich is the man i should vote for based on my opinions about political and social issues. oddly enough, howard dean turned out to be my #4 match, preceded by al sharpton in second place and john kerry at #3. president bush does make an appearance at #6.



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father greg boyle talks with terry gross about things that stir me up – faith, empowerment, urban issues, loving your neighbor…

“nothing stops a bullet like a job.” father greg was instrumental in founding homeboy industries in east los angeles, which looks like it does some pretty cool stuff. this is the work of reconciliation, friends.



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last night at the landing place, the conversation turned to what it takes to really love each other and develop a sense of family and community as the Body. i think i’m still pretty shy around these people – i don’t wanna be the new girl just spouting out thoughts before people have a chance to know me… but here are a few thoughts i did have, expressed late:
there was a emphasis on the necessity of really sharing time with others to build a family/community. one example given was that of 64 king, a house where a lot of people feel comfortable just being with others. at any given time, you may find ten people there who don’t actually live in the house. how did it get to be that free? a couple of ideas were given. in truth, i think that one big reason for this kind of time spent together is the fact that the community has a lot of single and childless members – people in a life stage that is conducive to a lot of freedom and late nights. the feeling i get at 64 king is very similar to that of the soup house, which was one of the best places i learned to build a chosen family. again, the soup house was full of people with little outside family obligations… i love it, and a love a life that has that kind of freedom. but i also feel cautious – we can talk all we want to about how important it is to spend evenings together throughout the week, but are we building space for families and children in that? are we being intentional about including people of different life stages? the families i know (the bells, the kays, the rains, etc.) are very open and desiring community. but how often are we really thoughtful of needs like a toddler who has a bedtime when planning time spent together? how can we be more creative in addressing these things? just wondering…


107713255828113511 February 18, 2004

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if you love to read and write, take a few minutes (or hours) to explore words without borders. it’s an “online international literature magazine,” and i can’t wait to have time to dig into it…



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ok. so i just read the news, and now i know that dean is out of the race. i still like him, though.



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by the way, i added a few new people to the sidebar. i also thought that i nicely divided the links into little subgroups so that they are easier to look at, but i guess that didn’t work. oh well. have fun meeting my friends!

the potluck is over. we discussed a news story in which the reporters stopped people and asked them to identify the faces of the current democratic presidential candidates. everyone was shocked that very few people could do it. but i realized that, because i get most of my news from public radio, i really don’t know what most of the candidates look like, even though i know who i like and what they stand for.

my dad has a theory that time magazine is going to expose a huge john kerry scandal, and then howard dean will take the nomination. my boss’ husband has a theory that hilary clinton is going to stand up at the democratic convention and announce her intention to run, blowing the other candidates out of the water in the process.

i love theories!



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this has been a crazy, crazy morning. my car is in the shop. my boss picked me up and brought me to work so that i don’t miss a potluck with the executive director. does anyone know how much it should cost to fix an egr valve on a passat? i am tempted to be very anxious today because i don’t have enough money to fix this darn car. but i’m feeling the peace seep back in, slowly but surely.

i must work now. and then go to a potluck!


107704333008372034 February 17, 2004

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it’s been a few days, and there is so much to say. the three-day weekend in columbus was intense and lovely, and served to solidify my relationship with daniel even more.

i’ve decided to move to columbus, effective april 1. yikes! there’s a lot to do between now and then, but it seems to be the natural progression in daniel’s and my life together. columbus also seems to be where we are actually already building a joint life and community. funny – even before i met daniel, i told my parents, “i don’t think i’ll leave cincinnati anytime soon, but if i do, it will be for columbus.” the thing is, there has never been anything about columbus to attract me, but it seems that God was starting to turn my heart towards that city – i thought it might just be because the bells moved there, but it seems there is more in columbus for me!

my day has been turned upside-down. i had a full day of home visits scheduled, but then my car decided it needed to be seen by the mechanic. so i dropped it off around lunch time, took two buses to get home, and now i’m going to be catching up on paperwork at home. riding the bus always puts my daily life into a bit of perspective…

ok. i have work to do. read mike burkett’s new blog!