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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

April 23, 2007

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it’s been a productive day – we went to church this morning, took a long walk and had a picnic at the old deaf school park this afternoon, i wrote two papers for school (and am working on a third now), and – most exciting – i booked our tickets to go to portland in june!  this is a trip we’ve been planning for awhile with my hometown friends who are now scattered across the country (and morocco), and now it’s feeling very real!  i love to travel, i love airports, i love exploring new cities, and i really love reunions with these particular friends. hooplah!  also, i was able to get the flights for about half the price that they were last week.  this, my friends, is a good day!

also good – the weather is absolutely gorgeous, the semester is almost over, and summer will be here soon…


April 15, 2007

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welcome back, interneters!  it’s been super-busy here, resulting in my silence.  but here i am on a lovely sunday.  we just got home from celebrating my second-favorite mother, annette’s, birthday.  happy birthday, dear mother-in-law!  you know all of those horror stories and jokes about bad in-laws?  i can’t relate to them at all – annette is kind and thoughtful and funny, and accepts daniel and i just as we are, and i’m so fortunate to be in her family.  i love you, annette – happy birthday!

in other news, there really isn’t much to report from the past couple of months.  the semester is almost over, and i’m registered for summer classes.   i interviewed for a new position at work on friday.  i think i would really like it, and it would make doing my internship a bit easier, but i’ll spare you the details until i know if i got it.  more exciting is the fact that daniel and skreened are going to be on the news tomorrow!  so, if you’re in the columbus area, check out the morning show on channel 28 – it starts at 7am.

happy sunday!