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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

108076719164281561 March 31, 2004

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transition. i’m ready for this one to be over! the past week has been up and down – i’m so excited and confident about moving to columbus, but i’m also grieving the loss of cincinnati…last night the brown house church sent me out with lots of love – so much love that i wanted to stay! but the landing place is doing a good job of welcoming me with open arms, and i can’t wait to make these new people my family.

the brown house really did a great job of blessing me last night. i was in the “hot seat,” which meant anyone could ask me any question, and then everyone prayed over daniel (who surprised me by taking the trip for the evening!) and i. then we had the richest chocolate cake i’ve had in a long time before daniel and i went over to steve and becky’s with kenny for a little cocktail hour. i love these people!

you’ll love them, too, when you make the trip to cincinnati on good friday for this which should be a pretty incredible time. be there!

i think i have a temporary solution to my computer issue. since my screen is the only thing not working, i should be able to just hook it up to the television, like when i watch a dvd, right? i can’t wait to get home and try it!

about 30 minutes left before i walk out of the brighton center and go home. it kind of feels like a weekend, and my body fully expects to walk back in on monday morning…

i will finish packing now.


108066374289770798 March 30, 2004

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yay – i got a job today! after stressing out for the past few weeks, i got the job that i really wanted. now it’s just the details of setting up paperwork time with the human resources lady. i should be able to start next week.

i can’t even begin to tell you how relieved i’m feeling. not only did i really like the people i interviewed with at this place, but it’s also doing a job i’ve done before and know that i enjoy and will find to be a challenge (in a good way). also, i’ll be making more money than i ever have, which will be good for ridding myself of debt and building a bit more stability….i’ll be working for the buckeye ranch doing ongoing case management for franklin county as a contracted worker. that means i’ll get to keep doing home visits (which i love), go to court a lot (which i love) and collaborate with other professionals a lot (which i love). whew. i will also be able to afford groceries.

in other news, i dropped my laptop last night, and apparently broke the backlight. aargh. how much does it cost to replace an ibook screen?


108032411911976662 March 26, 2004

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for the locals
this sunday night at 6pm, i will be hosting my final sunday hmoemade chai night (with perhaps a bit of the simpsons thrown in). if you are lucky, i’ll make samosas, too! bring cold drinks if you want, and maybe a snack. or just your so-lovely selves! if you need directions, e-mail me ( or call me.


107998571915659645 March 22, 2004

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feeling nostalgic
i’ve been thinking about munice, indiana, this afternoon. these people changed my life when i was in college, and they’re still part of what is community to me. when i was a junior, i started attending muncie alliance, which had about 75 members at the time. if i missed a sunday, everyone noticed. now, there are two full services every week in a new sanctuary that seats 600. no, it doesn’t really fit into the “house church movement,” but i have to say it still feels a bit like home when i get to visit. if you’re ever in indiana, stop by – they’ll be sure to give you a free latte! (tell them amy smiley sent you.)



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it was an interesting morning in the news during my commute. the stoic NPR news reporter apparently isn’t a basketball fan, as she referred to “the NAACP tournament,” instead of the NCAA. i’m not really a jock, either, but that made me laugh.
the cincinnati contemporary arts center got a mention as well, since zaha hadid became the first woman to win the pritzker architectural prize this week. i haven’t actually been to the CAC yet, but i used to walk by the building on a daily basis when i worked downtown, and it’s stunning when you stop to pay attention to it. (there’s even a kaldi’s in the lobby!

i think i am going to embark on a big secret writing project…hmm…

but back to architecture…being in love with a gifted designer has really opened up my awareness of how design impacts people. i still have a lot to learn. but i love being around someone who sees the world so visually. (just one of the many things i’m learning from him on a regular basis.) if you’re interested in learning more about design and the mind, give this “talk of the nation” feature a listen.

now i am going to work.


107963816790863168 March 18, 2004

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so i did a google image search on “amy joy” and this is what came up. i love it!


107945949987123495 March 16, 2004

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it’s a winter wonderland again.

all of the trees in my neighborhood are covered with snow, giving that really cool, mystical kind of bright light to the streets, with all of the branches outlined. there were at least two inches of snow covering my car! there was also a six-car accident on the highway. yikes.

i need to go to the doctor this afternoon for my yearly physical (before i move and have a lapse in health insurance.) dr. colon is great! yes, colon. except he’s puerto rican, so it’s pronounced more like “cologne”…he’s the most holistic doctor i’ve ever had, and i would be willing to drive the two hours from columbus to keep seeing him. but that would be silly, so today is probably my last visit.

hmm…what deep question can i ask today?
in your opinion, does the government have responsibility to provide social services to meet the needs of the poor? if not, who does have responsibility?

go at it!