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snow day February 14, 2007

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for the first time since, oh, never(!), our office is closed due to the weather.  actually, we closed at noon yesterday and open at one today.  i remember being sent home two hours early during an ice storm about 2 years ago, but this is really a first.

anyhoo, i just got done baking cookies for our wonderful neighbor, dale, who spent a lot of time this morning helping my even more wonderful husband get my car out of the ice and snow.  daniel’s car doesn’t really have heat, so he used mine this morning, which saved me an incredible headache later today.  truly, all of his labor is the best valentine’s gift ever!

speaking of valentine’s day, julianna made a lovely crepe breakfast for us this morning.  it was supposed to be for her friends, too, but they got stuck and couldn’t make it.  sigh.  julianna is looking for jobs all over the country, and as much as i want her to go to interesting places and do great things, i’m going to miss having her in our little family. anyone know of any cool public health education type jobs in columbus?

what are you doing with your snow day today?


birthdays galore February 7, 2007

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it’s been a very busy past week, so i’m late in a couple of important birthday shout-outs.

firstly, last friday was sharon’s birthday.  she used to blog, but doesn’t anymore, so i can’t link to her.  i first met sharon just over eight years ago at my church in cincinnati.  six months later, i was living with her, her husband and two daughters.  over the course of the next two years, they became my family in the deepest sense possible besides biological.  sharon has taught me a lot of what i know about being a mother by her example, and is one of the most creative, expressive people i know.  she has always held me accountable, but managed to make me feel loved unconditionally at the same time.  and she still does, in spite of the fact that we don’t have time to see each other much anymore.  she has always supported me, as she does everyone she loves, and has taught me a lot about forgiveness and being real.  i love you, sharon!  happy birthday!!

 yesterday was nikki’s birthday.  (again, she’s not blogging anymore, but she was a great writer when she did!)  nikki is a new friend, but you know what it’s like when you meet someone and you love them immediately, and you know you’re going to be great friends?  that’s nikki.  she is also honest and expressive, and i feel like i could be safe telling her my darkest secrets.  also, she sings a mean karaoke.  so, nikki, here’s to celebrating many more birthdays in the future!

stay warm today, dear ones!


February 1, 2007

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hello, dear ones!

my neck and shoulder have been in pain all week, so tonight i’m finally going back to dr. dean. last year i went to see him regularly, but i just don’t have the time to go to the chiropractor three times a week. the cool thing, though, is that regular massages are included in the $10 co-pay. so, my plan is to tell him that i can only come in twice a month, but at least i should get some relief.

anyhoo, the other big excitement in our lives is that we got a wii last night. i’m kind of anti-video games on principle, but at least the wii requires you to get off of the couch and get a workout. patti and scott have been generous with theirs, so now it’s time to share the fun. who wants to come over??