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October 28, 2007

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in case yesterday’s post was confusing, yes, we are pregnant! it is very good and exciting, and so far has been relatively easy – until today, when the thought of getting off of the couch has been very unappealing due to some nausea and overall lethargy…anyway, here are the details so far – the little fox cub is due june 17, and our first prenatal appointment is november 12. except for my body being a little goofy, it isn’t totally feeling real yet, (although this constant feeling of bloatedness sure feels real, and means there are already some jeans i can’t wear anymore.) besides the ultimate coolness of growing a mini-us and the excitement of pregnancy in general, another cool thing is that one of my best friends at work is due three days before me, not to mention numerous other coworkers in various stages of expectancy, so there is a lot of pregnancy and baby talk at work. (i will try not to make this blog all about babies!) hmm. any questions? regarding work – i don’t know what i’m doing about that. i think it mostly depends on whether or not we’ll be able to afford health insurance. regarding school, i should be done by august, with one class to take throughout the summer. i think i can handle a class with a newborn.

so, here i am on the couch, writing a paper for school and watching the penn state game. i know that i’m treading on dangerous ground by typing this out loud, but i’m not really a buckeye fan. in fact, i’m not really a football fan, but if backed into a corner, i’m more of a fighting irish or nittany lion girl. to my lovely readers who do not live in ohio, i’m sure that this whole paragraph is inconsequential. but buckeye football is an entire lifestyle in columbus. don’t get me wrong – i’m not anti-OSU, i just think it’s cool that my high school quarterback used to play for notre dame (and it’s the closest thing we had to a hometown team growing up), and my mom grew up about 45 minutes from penn state. also, joe paterno is quite possibly one of the coolest coaches ever. seriously, he’s been coaching at the same school almost twice as long as i’ve been alive. and they consistently have one of the highest graduations rates for athletes in the country.

so. back to my paper.



there is a blueberry in my uterus. October 27, 2007

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here’s an excerpt from my recent reading material…

“How does your baby grow? Pretty fast, actually. This week, your baby’s length is approximately a quarter of an inch — the size of a blueberry. Sounds pretty tiny still? Consider this for a little perspective: Your baby is 10,000 times bigger now than it was at conception a month ago.

The biggest growth this week is your baby’s head (the better to store all those smarts in), with new brain cells being generated at the rate of 100 cells per minute. How’s that for a budding genius?

And talking about buds, your baby is going out on a limb this week as his or her arm and leg buds begin to sprout and grow longer (and stronger), dividing into hand, arm, and shoulder segments — and leg, knee, and foot segments (though the limb buds look more like paddles than hands or feet at this early stage).

Also forming this week are your baby’s mouth and tongue. And although your embryo is just one month old, it’s already gone through three sets of kidneys. The ones in place now are the permanent set and are poised to begin their important work of waste management. In about a week, your baby will start producing urine. Lucky for you, there’s no need for diapers (yet). As your baby matures inside you, much of that urine will be excreted into the amniotic fluid, swallowed again by your baby, and then excreted again in a continuous cycle.”


October 8, 2007

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my brother is home from iraq!

now he just needs to call me.