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fair time! July 22, 2009

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well, i had a lovely, long post all about how nice the franklin county fair was this afternoon, albeit not nearly as grand as my hometown fair (which unless my memory is really faulty, is more along the scale of the ohio state fair in size and scope), but then my computer lost power, and i lost the post, so you are left with this adorable picture of alex watching the baby bears, which she liked, but not as much as she loved the cows, which she found to be hilarious. she has also recently started mooing, but with her mouth closed, so she actually sounds kind of like a real cow, and did a lot of practicing today. another highlight was her very first pony ride – she loved it until she didn’t, and then made an early exit off of the saddle and into my arms. and, like her mama, she was a little greaked out by the chickens, but adored all of the four-legged animals. oh – she also likes gyros better than funnel cakes.

overall, it was lovely and relaxing, and i would go back again anytime. for now, though, it’s off to clean up and go to bed. sweet dreams, dear ones!


July 17, 2009

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there is a movie preview that i first saw a few weeks ago, and it immediately gave me the chills, as it has every time it comes on television since then. “orphan” appears to be a psychological horror film about a family who adopt a girl from an orphanage only to have her turn into some sort of violent villian. although i’m sure that it is only intended to be entertainment, i’m really discouraged by the potential it has to reinforce negative stereotypes about adoption of older children and about adoptive children being “damaged goods”…so i was happy when an old college friend provided this link to “orphans deserve better.” please take a few minutes to look around their site – get some education about the facts of adoption, and if you feel so inclined, sign the simple petition asking the producers of “orphan” to give some of their profits to aid real-life orphans.


lest we forget… July 16, 2009

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ok – it’s been three weeks since alex’s birthday, and it’s about time for me to make sure i document some things about her at one glorious year old:

…she is a sweet, sweet girl who likes to laugh. she is pretty social, and waves hello to anyone and any animal. she also sometimes waves to the trees, bushes and parking lots.

she loves music and has a particular knack for percussion. (like her dad) she perks up immediately and dances with any song that has a catchy beat, even if it’s just a short commercial. she seems to be developing a like for reggae, and she will turn anything into a drum.

she loves animals – especially cats. she spends a lot of time chasing the cat and dog, and calling most things “cat.” her other words include “mama,” “dada,” and “baba.”

she has this funny, sneaky grin when she’s about to do something that she knows will get her redirected – like trying to eat the dog food.

she thinks being tickled is hilarious.

she has no fear of dirt and mess.

she likes to be outside.

she can be very serious when she is observing a new situation. one friend once said that alex seemed to be looking into her soul.

she is taking her sweet time with walking independently, like she did with crawling. but she does like to push her walking toy.

she eats almost anything we give her. her favorite foods include soy yogurt, chicken and tofu.

she has totally turned our lives upside down, and i wouldn’t trade it for anything.