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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

September 14, 2007

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so, the first two years of grad school, i was truly amazed at how, well, easy it was to go to school and work full-time at a pretty high-stress job.  now my third year is here, and i’m in my internship, and classes are still pretty easy and pretty interesting, and i’m very much enjoying what i do every day but wow – i absolutely cannot wait until the only scheduled thing i really have to worry about is one 32-40 hour a week job.  just imagine the things i could do…actually become part of a home group again, spend hours an evening hanging out with my husband, have time to make a daily cleaning schedule, go out with friends, read more than one optional book a month, plan my menus and cook amazing meals, work out more than once a month, have substantial phone conversations with people, raise a child.  just, wow.

so, there you have it.  life is good, but my time is not my own.  you know what, though?  i’m really loving my life. i am so close to having the career i really want.  i have an amazing husband who is also doing something he loves (and it’s taking off, and i’m so proud of him!) i have some pretty incredible people who love me.

sigh.  but i’m still bone-tired tonight.

how are you?


September 8, 2007

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one of my most significant intellectual and theological influencesdied thursday night after 88 long, wisdom-filled years. every time i read something by her, i learn something new, and learn to think about things just a little differently. thank you, ms. l’engle, for your contribution to the world.