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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

112778173644930155 September 26, 2005

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yes, my husband is totally awesome. and, yes, he actually wrote that last post. but he did take me to the crew game even though he doesn’t like soccer (thanks for the tickets, kelli!).

oy. i am absolutely exhausted tonight, and i think i’m getting a sore throat. it’s been a looong week. i’ve been driving all over ohio making sure that i see all of my kids for the month (yesterday i left the house at 6am and got home from work at 7:30pm), and tomorrow night is my first test in theories and techniques of counseling, and my first graduate school paper is due. (so far, grad school is easier than undergrad. last week my professor essentially gave us every question that will be on our multiple choice test. i love multiple choice.)

here’s my multiple choice of the moment:

1. what should amy do now?
a. write a truly epic blog post
b. surf other people’s blogs until i fall asleep
c. go to bed and re-read “the poisonwood bible” until i drift off
d. do paperwork for work.

hmmm…which one do you think i’ll choose?



112735370748612842 September 21, 2005

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Can I just say that my husband is totally awesome and sweet.

Tonight he took me out to a crew soccer game here, and he doesn’t even like soccer. I know I can’t ever say this enough on my blog or otherwise, but, I love you daniel!!


112705615912523150 September 18, 2005

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sharon is blogging again, and it’s lovely. she has a theme blog now, so read and learn! also, my sisters and cousin on daniel’s side of the family have joined the fray, too. so swing by and introduce yourselves. my mother-in-law has a great blog, too, but i think i’ll wait for her approval before linking to it. now it’s just time for my own parents to jump in.

it’s sunday morning, and i’m at work catching up on some things. life has been moving at a very fast pace, and there have been a lot of major changes recently, including some job and church adjustments in the eversole fox household. daniel and i are now attending vineyard columbus, which if you know my church history at all, is a pretty major and unexpected switch. the reasons for changing are not blog fodder about, but let it be known that i definitely still consider my family at the landing place to be my family. i love each of you.

with that, i need to get back to work.


112620647396450945 September 8, 2005

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a few things on my mind today…

…toronto was awesome, and i keep hoping for a good reason to move there. great weekend, great people, great anniversary.

…after one year, marriage is turning out to be great. we really seem to be settling into a time of fun and peace and goodness. hurrah for marriage!

…i had a great talk with my sister sharon today. thanks for so much encouragement, pretty lady!

…the season premiere of the o.c. is on tonight. hopefully daniel can figure out our vcr so that i can watch it after class. this show is my guilty pleasure…

…what’s on your mind today??


alice September 2, 2005

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happy birthday, alice!
she doesn’t even read this thing, but i wanted to give a shout-out to one of the toughest, coolest sisters i know. (i’ve been really lucky to have several great sisters, and you know who you are.) this is her taking a self-protrait in thailand, where she went for ten days alone to see the country and present at the international AIDS conference last year. she danced with bon jovi while she was there. only alice could pull that off. so, again, happy birthday!