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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

109329165249115052 August 23, 2004

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i need a new fuel pump.

one of my best friends at work got fired today in a situation that just makes me feel ill.

i haven’t been able to really sleep for the past two nights, even though i’ve gone to bed for eight hours each night.

aargh. i think i need a cup of tension tamer tea.


109240994887057783 August 13, 2004

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in columbus.

come join us for studio 35 tonight at 8:30. for only $6.00 you get a great double feature and a night on the town!


109215787157760121 August 10, 2004

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when i’m facing lots of changes in my life, i tend to start wondering about people from my past life. one friend from middle school, janneken, is someone i find myself wondering about every so often. so i did a search on her this week, and it turns out she’s become an expert on amish and mennonite quilts, and is actually hoping to do a doctoral dissertation centered in the pennsylvania valley where my mom was raised. if you happen to want a quilt, check her out…

urban quilt



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so much has been happening that the thought of even trying to sit down and write for a bit is overwhelming…
let’s see about details first – the wedding plans are coming together, seminary and church are great. i love the people here. work is good. i’m not getting enough sleep. daniel got the job he wanted, and is graduating with honors. he’s so cool!

after a number of years in the social work field, i got my first threat from a client today. she informed her lawyer that she will “beat her up,” referring to me. it’s not too high on my list of worries, though. but i have been instructed to not see her alone, or go to her house anymore…

i’ve been thinking about the balance of the individual and the community – a theme that frequently resurfaces in my world…no new thoughts, really, just figuring out how it all fits together.

back to work now.