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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

110955623787149486 February 27, 2005

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i’m still here. our caseloads are up to 24 these days, not leaving much time to blog at work. then i make plans to write lots and post from panera in the evening, but it’s just so much nicer to stay at home in front of the fire instead of going out into the dark…

but here i am again, writing from the stetler’s house after our weekly lenten gathering. let’s see…we went to the cat shelter today to find a friend for blaze, but left without a new pet. maybe i can still convince daniel that another dog is a better idea…

in fact, sharon and i are so busy picking out our next dog right now that i’ll have to get back to you tomorrow…


110754872001271952 February 4, 2005

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i’m getting ready to go on a closing home visit for a case that has been open for two years. when the courts gave me permission to close it yesterday, my entire team was so excited that our supervisor took us out for drinks afterwards. hooplah! sometimes you get a family that you think will never be able to function without help, but somehow they finally do it…

in other exciting work news, one of my coworker’s kids stole her foster parents car this morning, resulting in an all-out police chase, with her finally crashing into a cruiser. my goodness. and to think, i once took this girl out for ice cream.

our home continues to be full of peace – we absolutely love it. this weekend, my old roommate is coming into town to be our first real guest-room guest (if we don’t count the band member who stole in during the week hours of the night…). i’m really excited about her coming, especially since she’ll be here for sharon’s art show opening at the gallery hop on saturday night. hooplah again!

gotta hit the road now.