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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

112258599017764427 July 28, 2005

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it’s good to know that at least one annonymous commenter wants to hear from me! we don’t have internet access at home at all anymore, and work has been far too busy for much blogging time. but here i am now, with a few minutes to breathe.

things of note…
…daniel turned 25 this week, which meant two great dinners and time with his family. he and i saw “war of the worlds” on tuesday, and i giggled most of the way through it. it’s just hard for me to get sucked into a story line about giant tripod aliens. it’s also hard to watch tom cruise try to be so intense for two hours. all in all, it was good fun. even more fun should be his gift – “dance dance revolution,” the crazy japanese video game that is also a workout!

…my interview for grad school is next tuesday. if all goes well, i’ll start classes august 22. it’s about darn time.

…the new harry potter book almost made me cry.

…the old barbara kingsolver book “animal dreams” is making me cry.

that is all. how are you today?


112119750024128686 July 12, 2005

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one month from today, i’ll be on the coast of mexico! i bought my ticket yesterday morning for a six day trip to puerto vallarta with my friend alice, a friend of her’s from boston, and possibly another college friend who lives in seattle. there are a lot of things going on now, but that is pretty distracting today…


112024796326131882 July 1, 2005

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happy holiday weekend! i feel like it’s the last day of school, and i can’t wait to get out of the office and have THREE WHOLE DAYS of no commitments and nothing to do. but first, i wanted to check in with the blog world, and show you that i haven’t fully disappeared…

thanks to everyone who has been so supportive of daniel and i recently. if you read his blog, you know that he started medication for anxiety and depression. i don’t believe that pharmaceuticals are always the answer, but they seem to be working for us, and it’s so nice to have some breathing space again…

as of yesterday, my application for grad school is completed and being reviewed. if all goes well, i’ll be starting school in two short months. hooplah!! seven years is long enough to wait to go back to school.

i’m too restless and ready to go home to write anymore. happy friday, dear ones!