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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

111915015365407674 June 18, 2005

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it’s saturday night, and for the first time in a long time, i have an internet connection in a quiet place. sorry for the long silence. if you’ve been reading daniel’s blog, you know that our life has been a bit up and down lately. but still, it is good.

things of note on this late saturday night:

1. i’ve been reading the book “white teeth” lately. it’s the story of two families in england, one of which is from bangladesh. it’s keeping my attention pretty well. i would recommend it.

2. justin, our “little brother,” graduated from high school this weekend after a kind of crazy year. i’m really proud of him.

3. my good friends from my hometown are all in chicago this weekend for a reunion. we stayed here for a wedding. i miss them.

4. our good friends from here went to the latino festival with us tonight. i have never seen so many people packed into a street in columbus as that. que bueno!

5. i’m really ready to take a road trip. any ideas? if you could be anywhere else right now, where would it be?


111816203323137731 June 7, 2005

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this is important.

currently the u.s. spends far less than one percent of its budget on fighting AIDS and global poverty. the ONE campaign is asking our government to simply spend one percent more. if this is something you can support (and i really do hope it is), you can add your voice here.

also, i don’t usually advertise television here, but tonight is the broadcast of brad pitt’s trip to africa with diane sawyer. primetime live on abc tonight at 10pm. 9pm central. apparently, it is going to not only address the emergency in africa, but will also highlight some projects and programs that are working for change and hope. so. watch it, then comment.


111792902534702782 June 4, 2005

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the muncie invasion

how exciting is it that there are TWO great shows in town this week that all of you just have to join me at?

this thursday, june 9, brazil will be at bernies at 7pm. brazil is from muncie and they are loud and passionate and beautiful. the newby brothers alone are reason enough to be there.

on friday, june 10, thornton will be at cafe bourbon street at 9pm. they’re coming from nashville via a tour of the midwest, but i first met kevin thornton in muncie. he’s been to a lot of places, but his music has remained aching and honest and beautiful. be there.

ironically, i’m actually writing this from muncie. this place just seems to nurture beautiful people. in other news, i’m recovering from pink eye. just wanna say that my husband did an amazing job of tending to my needs when i used it as an excuse to whine and be served.

i’m off to play now.