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the finish line July 31, 2008

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this very moment, i’m sitting in my last master’s class ever.  hurrah!  it feels a little anticlimatic – it’s taken three years, and here we are.  when class is over, i’ll go home and hang out with daniel and the baby, and try to remember that i don’t have to do any homework or go to class next week. i did manage to finish an independent study over the weekend for that last credit hour, with some incredible support from the UD faculty.  i’m not quite done studying, though – now i have to get ready for my licensure exam, which i’ll hopefully be taking at the beginning of september.

so.  that is that.  if you’re a praying kind of person, please pray that i’ll be able to find the perfect job that allows me to actually use these skills i’ve been getting, and also have tremendous flexibility to be with alex.  i think there are a couple of possibilities, it’s just a matter of the details falling together…


one month July 25, 2008

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by the time most of you read this, it will be alex’s one month birthday.  it’s hard to believe that it’s been such a short time and such a long time since she was born.  we’ve certainly been busy lately.  here are some bullet points:

– at her one-month check-up today, alex had gained 1 1/2 pounds in the past two weeks.  she is now a hearty 11 pounds, 12 ounces. she’s also grown two inches since birth.

– the past week or so, evenings have been stressful, with alex being very fussy and gassy.  the pediatrician had some good input today, and hopefully we’ll see some pretty quick improvement.

– aside from stressful evenings, she’s a lot of fun to be around, and i’m convinced that she’s started to smile.

– skreened got a mention in wired magazine!

– skreened is moving to a new space on high street, and daniel is very excited and working very hard, and it’s paying off.

– i discovered yesterday that i am somehow one credit hour short for graduation.  it’s an elective hour, though, and the department chair is being very helpful, and is allowing me to do a last-minute independent study.

– a couple of old friends are coming into town this weekend, and i’m very excited to see them.

– facebook has been pretty great for reconnecting me with the above-mentioned old friends, in addition to a few others this week, and it’s fun!

– i need to get some sleep now.


“i’ve come to really enjoy having a chicken coop.” July 17, 2008

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i’ve come to enjoy catching some martha stewart while i’m feeding alex. what i really want to know, though, is how she can keep an immaculate home with her gazillion animals (seriously, i think she has a gazillion, not counting her chicken coop – and they were all on her show today), and i can’t control the hair from one dog and one cat.


July 15, 2008

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it’s difficult these days to really blog about anything besides hanging out with alex. maybe if i read a book instead of playing around on my laptop when she falls asleep at night, there would be more to say. one news story that has caught my attention is that my much beloved cincinnati beat out las vegas for the NAACP convention, and that obama spoke there tonight. it sounds like it’s pretty difficult to argue with what he had to say. it should be interesting to see what mccain has to say to the NAACP later this week.
i’m proud that cincinnati is making this kind of progress. i remember the riots of 2001 very clearly. the helicopters, the curfews, the tension…they happened shortly before i left to live in india for awhile, and they were one of the things that influenced my decision to return to cincinnati instead of moving somewhere else. they made me want to dig in and stay for awhile, because there was work to be done. of course, little did i know at the time that i would be in columbus a few years later. but there is work to be done here, too…


what long fingers you have… July 13, 2008

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conked out

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today, we took a family outing to the grand opening of rad dog, which is the coolest vegan hot dog stand ever, owned and operated by our dear friends tawd and sharon. they happened to be stationed across the street from daniel’s office, so alex and i spent the afternoon hanging out and helping to package orders. not only was it her first day at the office, she also had her first time in the mei tai carrier. (i’ve tried a sling, but for some reason it just doesn’t work too smoothly with her.) apparently, it can be exhausting to be so cute and try so many new things – after a little fussiness, this was her position for pretty much the entire afternoon. if only she would sleep for so long at night…


July 10, 2008

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i know that i’m supposed to be sleeping when the baby is sleeping. but if i sleep, when would i have time to play word twist? or to blog?

also, in non-baby news, i have officially turned in my capstone research project – it’s kind of like a master’s thesis, but less demanding. yes, i typed most of it with alex sleeping on my lap, but it was good to be able to think academic thoughts in the midst of counting diapers. i officially have five more class sessions to attend, and then i am finished with graduate school, and you can all call me “master amy.” or would it be “mistress amy”? it’s certainly no “doctor,” and not as life-altering as “mom,” but it’s been a long three years, and i’m glad that there is an end in sight. also, i’m kind of proud that i’m actually making it to the end. (i have to mention here that i could not have done it without the constant support of daniel. seriously, he has spent a lot of evenings waiting for me to get home late over the past few years.)

ok. now it really is time to sleep. sweet dreams!