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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

114843460773531380 May 23, 2006

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life has been very busy lately, but good things are happening. xiu dan is home, and is beautiiful. phoenix is finally here, too, and i can’t wait to meet him in person. emma is very good at letting me hold her for some baby therapy. my goodness – babies are everywhere. it’s enough to make a girl want to go out and buy a crib. it’s not quite time for that yet, though.
instead, it’s time for summer session and the fascinating world of abnormal pschology. truly, my class right now is fascinating, which is a good thing since it requires sitting in one place for three hours at a time twice a week right after work. next month is “diagnosis of mental disorders”. i really, really like school, and i’m very, very excited about getting my license in a couple of years. it’s so good to know that i’m doing what i’m supposed to be doing right now.
my brother is back in indiana, so i’ll be going there to spend some time with my family this weekend. this is a very good thing. another very good thing is the progess of the grass growing in our backyard. when i was growing up, my mom tried in vain to instill a love of gardening and the outdoors in me, but i always wanted to read a book instead. now i can’t wait for my wildflower garden to bloom, and to move our hastas around the backyard. does this mean i’m finally an adult?


114729133695678316 May 10, 2006

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let’s just say it’s been a pretty crazy day – but the kind of day that makes me feel like a real social worker. at least i can relax tonight – watch alias, maybe do some reading, maybe crochet a little. i’m starting to work on little, funky crochet projects, and it’s fun to see things get done quickly. does anyone want to buy a baby hat or wallet? or maybe a laptop cozy?

i’ve been dreaming a lot about changing the world lately. but now i have to get back to work.


114662857679403127 May 2, 2006

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we’re trying to get into the habit of being more active, and it was too beautiful to stay inside last night, so we went to the park again, this time with our friend sarain, her two chihuahuas, and blaze. blaze had a great time swimming after ducks in the pond, and i had a slightly terrified time being afraid that she would actually kill a protected duck in a public park, and we would go to jail. aside from that, i’m really excited that we’re finally hanging out in our greenspace.
after the park, we put the top down on my car and drove to chipotle. the best part was trying to finish my burrito on time to run back to the car and put the top up within seconds of the rain storm.
i love spring!



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last night our entire household – minus sufjan – took a walk around franklin park. when we were leaving, we saw three(!) deer, just standing by the edge of the woods just sort of looking around.

it’s good to be outside.