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June 23, 2007

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let’s just say it’s been an incredibly long 24 hours, involving getting locked out of the house, trying to sleep on our back porch, getting about 1 1/2 hours of sleep last night, having a full day of work plus a 5 hour class tonight, and getting ready for an 8 hour class tomorrow.  tragically, though, i can’t seem to get my body to want to sleep NOW.  is it possible that i’m too tired to sleep?

i’ll give it a try.  g’night.


phone problems June 21, 2007

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my phone is having some problems.  i can receive calls, but can’t make them or check my messages.  so if you need to reach me and i don’t answer, call my work cell phone.  if you need that number, leave a comment or email me.  thanks!


tasty mexican food at nuestra cocina June 20, 2007

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tasty mexican food at nuestra cocina

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on friday night, we went to deb and nate’s favorite local restaurant, nuestra cocina, and you can see that we were happy to be there. i had pumpkin-filled enchiladas. yum!
i’ve gotten started on posting my pictures at my flickr site, but there are still more to go.

in the meantime, i’m taking a little break from studying for my final in psychological assessment. it’s tomorrow, and i can only miss three points and maintain my stellar GPA. really. i’ve always been good at school, but lazy, and i’m finally living up to my “academic potential,” so i’m trying to finish what i’ve started well.

i’ve also returned to “what is the what” after a little break. i feel like i’m learning about what is actually happening in the sudan, when it was all so vague before. next, i’ll have to learn about somalia – especially since i learned this week that columbus has over 45,000 somalis in residence. that’s bigger than my hometown.

time to study again. sweet dreams!


rose garden kiss June 19, 2007

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angie kiss

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here are angie and i in the world-famous rose garden. (really, there were international tourists everywhere – just like niagara falls!) the lovely husband took the photo, and he’s much better at that than i am. angie just moved to columbus, and you can see that i’m super-excited to have her here! (special note to my mother – i included this one specifically so you could see how long my hair has gotten. i could almost pass for a good mennonite girl again!)
now i have to sift through all of the zillions of pictures i took (not as well as the lovely husband) so that y’all can see everyone else.


columbia gorge self-portrait

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this is actually a very tall waterfall, but i’m not that tall. at least the sheer green(!)ness of oregon comes through…


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portland was wonderful, and there are plenty of pictures to upload onto flickr tonight.  we traipsed all over the city, hiked the columbia river gorge (or at least a very small part of it), ate lengthy meals full of good conversation, and saw deb and nate’s lovely home and world.  if you ever go to portland, they are the people you want to be your always-gracious hosts. 

portland as a city is also lovely.  there’s a lot more to say, but it will have to wait until i’m done working.


are we in portland yet? June 13, 2007

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less than two days until we’re on our way to the northwest!  i could not be more ready for this trip, regardless of how short it will be.

exactly one week until the first summer session of school is over.  i really couldn’t be more ready for that.  life really is good these days, but aargh!  i can’t wait until the only daily responsibilities i have are my family and one job – no school, no internship, actual evenings in which to do fun things.  even some time to really clean the house would be nice.

really, i’m not complaining.  i’m just a bit stressed this summer.  i did get to read “life of pi” for book club, which was amazing.  it also had a huge taste of india in it, which served to make me homesick for mumbai and rickshaws, and tea time in the middle of the afternoon.  now i have to return to “what is the what,” which i picked for book club this month so that i have to make reading it a priority.

sigh.  i think i need to go to bed.  sweet dreams, dear ones!