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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

April 22, 2008

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i have been horrible at updating, and there is no excuse. i only have a minute now, but i did want to hit a few highlights:

– our third childbirth class is tonight. we also get to go on the grand tour. hurrah for tours!

– my parents are coming in this weekend to help paint the nursery. hurrah for being prepared!

– it looks like we may have a winner in the “whatever are we going to call this child?” debate. hurrah for names!

– the trees and flowers are finally blooming. it’s amazing how beautiful a ghetto street is when it is lined with blooming trees.

-on a sadder note, there has been a great deal of recent loss and tragedy in the lives of people around me, and of people i care about a lot. i’m not sure what to say about it all, except that i hope and pray that healing and comfort is very real for those people i love, and i hope and pray that i’ll somehow not take for granted the moments i have with people.

sweet dreams, dear ones.


7.5 months April 6, 2008

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7.5 months

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this one’s for you, grama! ten weeks to go, and in the past two days, i’ve been asked twice if i’m having more than one baby – once by a nurse on a maternity ward.

we were on a maternity ward because our dear friends kevin and sarain had their baby boy 3 1/2 weeks early yesterday morning. i feel like we’ve had a nephew arrive – we’ve spent many weekend evenings at each other’s homes, eating and lounging around, in the way that you only can with people who are like family. baby mink will most likely be baby girl’s first friend. welcome to the world, mink!