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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

113011669154153103 October 23, 2005

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it’s a boy!

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meet sufjan. since we couldn’t keep frankie, we adopted him instead. he came with the name “bigglesworth,” but somehow i couldn’t keep calling him that. so, sufjan it is. we didn’t plan to get a new animal today, but after visiting a new church, we stopped by petsmart and ended up filling out an application and interviewing on the spot. i think he likes us, or he will when he stops hissing at blaze. welcome home, kitty!


weekend October 22, 2005

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there are certain people in this world who bring a certain level of comfort and rest – people who don’t care if you’re tired or not very entertaining, or don’t mind if you just wear your pajamas. molly and erica are two of those people for me. they made a little road trip to spend the night and day with us, and it was so, so lovely! last night, daniel’s friend matt crashed on our couch, too, so it’s been a weekend of old friends. he took off for a wedding today, but molly, erica, daniel and i took off to wholly craft (my favorite new store) to buy crafty things, and then to north market for lunch and the farmer’s market. sometimes it’s easy to overlook what columbus has to offer when i miss the hills and diversity of cincinnati, or the chaos of mumbai. but today was a good day.

my lovely sister-in-law, ashley, got accepted to otterbein college. way to go, ash!

i’m very sleepy. g’night.


112915078045576953 October 12, 2005

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there are some things going on these days that require discretion and privacy, so my posts probably won’t be too personal for awhile. but i am going to use this space to focus on some cheerful things, like this:

office yoga!

my body has been pretty tense lately, but these stretches work wonders. so knock yourselves out, especially if you’re at a desk all day.

in other news, frankie left us but we’re on the lookout for a second dog that is a little less hyper but still gets blaze to play. any one have a canine they need to give away?

fall is here. i love getting out sweaters and cords. i would love to get a cabin in hocking hills or maine when the leaves change. anyone care to join me?


112904434072864409 October 11, 2005

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signs of life…

…today i got to close one of the first cases i got in columbus, and it has a happy ending. it also got me five hugs – four of them from large black women.

…i only mised half a point on my first grad school paper.

…on my first grad school test, i missed 2 1/2 points. five people in the class did better, nineteen did worse. i plan to be at the top the next time.

…today my supervisor is taking us out to lunch for mexican food. i can taste the enchiladas now…


112882577754186866 October 8, 2005

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i really do have great friends. thanks for the lovely comments, everyone, and i will be returning phone calls as soon as i can. things have been a little traumatic lately, but i will call!

in happy news, we have a new addition to our family. i heart frankie. he’s a 50 pound boxer, 1 1/2 years old, and he’s with us on a trial basis this weekend. i’m trying to get daniel to agree to keep him for good – i think another day should do it. i was worried about blaze with another dog, but he’s getting her to play and keep her energy up, and he’s snuggly and fun, and actually fetches things! blaze is pretty indifferent to any toy, ’cause she’s too cool for school. she’ll always be the queen of the house, but frankie makes a pretty good jester. also, boxers aren’t really good guard dogs (they are naturally aggressive at all), but it’s nice to be able to answer the the door to an unexpected knock with a big canine next to you. (i wouldn’t want to live in any other neighborhood in columbus, but we do get the occasional person looking for money or a fix in the middle of the night.) i’m thinking that keeping frankie would be a great 30th birthday present.

by the way, my 30th birthday is november 3. that’s less than a month away. email me if you need my address to send gifts. we were going to have a big surprise party, but i don’t think that’s going to work out. i’m totally open to someone else planning one, though.



112845206469174731 October 4, 2005

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lots going on in my mind lately, but little energy to express it. i’ve had a nasty cold and cough since last week, and am just trying to keep my head above water at work and in taking care of the house – not doing a great job of either at the moment. last night was a bright spot at stauf’s for crafty beavers with sharon and suzanne. i think sharon inspired me to try a super-secret project.
it’s been a hard couple of days, though – changing churches has made me lonely in the transition, and aside from sharon, most of my sisters are scattered across the country. why can’t d.c., portland, munice and boston all be in the same place?
how long does it take to make and keep real friends in a new city?