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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

playing catch up November 24, 2007

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one more group shot

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it’s hard to believe that only less than two months ago, it was sunny and beautiful and the perfect day for an outdoor wedding. these are some of my oldest friends in the world, the ones with whom i can be who i am, at the rawest level of comfort. there are a few missing from the photo due to being across the country or across the world, but this was a beautiful day.


november rawks November 14, 2007

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sigh.  i would’ve written about the wonders of a brief seattle vacation and the glories of november (my birthday! grama’s birthday! aunt melissa’s birthday! thanksgiving! putting up the christmas tree! holiday music! winter coats! television sweeps! warm blankets! basketball season! seeing my family!), but i’ve simply been so tired all the time.  and a little queasy lately – mostly mild, but mostly always there.  so, sigh.