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recent milestones so i can prove to my mother that i am documenting them October 18, 2008

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last wednesday evening, alex rolled right over from back to front, after a couple of days of rolling the bottom half of her body until she figured out how to get momentum to roll her shoulders. a week and a half ago, she suddenly started babbling, babbling, babbling – jibber jabber all the time. she has so much to say, and we’re loving it! this very moment, she’s reaching like crazy for her jingly blue’s clues toy that is hanging from her activity mat, making its bells ring. also, she seems to really like the sound of crinkling this week – like when you rub a plastic bag.


2 Responses to “recent milestones so i can prove to my mother that i am documenting them”

  1. sharon Says:

    Daniel showed her picture to the mailman today who didn’t know she was a girl. I wanted to sock him. How can you not tell???

  2. Grandpa Eversole Says:

    Amy and Alex,

    I’m looking forward to seeing you next weekend (in person).

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