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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

there’s a first time for everything August 16, 2008

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we just got home from alex’s first craft fair, which not only was in our neighborhood this year, but was happily sponsored by skreened. it amazes me how many people you can meet when you’re holding a cute baby in a sling. it also amazes me how good (read “mostly asleep”) and content alex was being toted around a busy room. now she’s finishing up her nap to the drum circle soundtrack that is coming from the african village festival across the street from our house.

last night was another first – my first girls’ night – coordinated by my dear friend nikki – since the baby was born, and daniel’s first time watching alex around bedtime, which is not her best time of the day. but they did great, and it’s been so good to see daniel father her. when i got home, he was reading an article to her on the future of creativity while she was hanging out in the swing, and it was such a nice home to return to after a really good time feeling like a normal person with a normal social life again.

also, i just remembered that i had a bizarre dream last night that daniel and i met phil collins and had a great conversation with him. strange.


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