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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

109734389190820478 October 9, 2004

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well, we’ve found a picnic table one building over that has a pretty good wireless connection. as long as the weather stays so enticing, it should be easier for me to write regularly…

this morning i finished one of those books that makes you wish it was twice as long so that you can keep reading. “donorboy” by brendan halpin is worth the short time it takes to read it. it’s the story of a 14 year old girl and her father, who takes custody of her after her parents (whom he had donated sperm to years earlier) die in a freak accident. it’s written in the form of e-mails, instant messages and letters, which i usually hate, but which works beautifully in this story. if you like nick hornby, you should like this one. even if you’re never heard of nick hornby, you should try it.

another promo – my friend kevin has been in nashville for the past three years working on this project – good stuff. in fact, i’m listening to samples from his site this very minute.

while i’m on the subject of music, my lovely and talented husband is rehearsing right now for his live show tomorrow night at the new and improved hi-5 in columbus. he and a few also-talented friends are the opening set at 10pm. i’ll need someone to hang out with, so be there!

if you’re looking for something to do tonight, bring $20 over to 64 king for the sudan poker benefit. we’ll be playing texas hold ’em for the refugees in sudan, via the work of the mennonite central committee. if you want to come and have questions, you can call myself or daniel.

ok. i hope i’ve sufficietnly given you enough things to do to occupy yourself for the weekend.

over and out.


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