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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

107818306353526542 March 1, 2004

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it was a motivating weekend in columbus. i am feeling more and more ready to make the big move. it’s funny how a place can so quickly start to feel like home, especially after the years that it took me to reconcile the fact that cincinnati has become home. but this weekend showed me a new side of columbus as daniel and i drove around exploring neighborhoods three days in a row, discovering our own world. it was really actually thrilling to see a columbus that didn’t feel suburban, academic, or campusy. finding old towne east and the surrounding area really excited me in the same way that northiside excites me – incredible architecture and streets where my children can play with neighbor kids who aren’t all white, and who come from different economic backgrounds. it’s also been really exciting to see how God is unifying daniel’s and my vision for the kind of place we want to live. now, if only we can convince other landing place people to move to the east side with us!

sunday night, i finally went to a service at joshua house, at “the big vineyard.” (does every city have one of those, or just cincinnati and columbus?) daniel played on the worship team, led by mike gallaugher. i love house churches, but it was good to be able to sing out as loud as i wanted to, with hundreds of other people. it was also cool to meet mike – he’s another one of those random people from columbus who went to taylor for a season. it’s a small world.

i must work more now.



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