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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

107573546340199828 February 2, 2004

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my apologies for the recent silence. there has been a lot to think about, and i haven’t quite been able to find the blogging words or time for everything. i’m back, though!

happy february!
this is black history month, which led to a morning commute of thoughts about the age-old question “why are almost all of the people in my church white?” aargh! this frustrates me!! anyone have the answer? it just doesn’t make sense to me that if we’re attempting to live out the present kingdom of God that we’re mostly a version of the same color at our gatherings.

on a happier note, the brighton center, my place of employment, is providing a pretty cool month of workshops. this week there is a screening of “the two jaspers,” a documentary about the murder of james byrd, jr., in jasper, texas. we’re also having a workshop on the AIDS crisis in africa, a training on racism, and a “taste of africa” festival, focusing on the country of nigeria. i love my job!

and it’s a good thing, because if it weren’t for my job, i think i very well might have just stayed in columbus this weekend and not have returned to cincinnati. patience is not one of my strongest virtue, especially when the man i love and my chosen family are all living together under one roof without me. so, to remind myself of why i am here, this is my official list of reasons to be in cincinnati:
1. the community here is rooted and strong, and they have loved me even when i’ve shut them out of my life.
2. my house church is cool, and i’m being very supported in learning to develop and use my gifts.
3. cincinnati doesn’t feel like one big suburb, and has great architecture.
4. my apartment is soooo cheap.
5. my roommate is patient with me.
6. cincinnati is gritty and has work to be done.
7. my job challenges me, uses my strengths, and i work with the best people ever.

ok. i must work now.


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