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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

107089784166343162 December 8, 2003

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i’m feeling refreshed and motivated this morning. others have been blogging about the weekend full of community and social activities. saturday was a lovely people day for me. rachel and shaina came over in the afternoon to eat chickpea curry and watch “frida,” which shaina is writing about for a class. i love that movie, and it’s one i certainly don’t regret owning. after they left, i headed over to the community house to spend some time with sharon and the girls, then played yahtzee with the brown house family. i love that game! j and i have spent many all-nighters playing it with his sister and her husband, drinking cheap beer and smoking to stay awake. they’ve since moved to san francisco, and i miss them! anyway, i did a bit poorly this time, but kevin took over the game as soon as he rolled his second yahtzee. we then spent a lot of time dreaming about the next trip around the world all of us wanderers want to take soon…we each had our own little must-sees, but i think we can work it out relatively easily, if we can come up with the money.

money. i’ve been thinking about it a lot lately, and i hate it. i used to be really good at saving/budgeting, but it’s been a constant struggle ever since i returned to the u.s. discipline, amy!

be sure to explore the ijpc link to the left. there is some great stuff there, and ways to actually stop talking and start getting involved…


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