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Cuteness November 11, 2010

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Wow, thanks for all of the advice/input regarding yesterday’s post! (especially on Facebook) After I posted, we went to a playdate, and it just happened that one of the other mamas brought a bag full of small and one-size diapers that she gave to me, and another mama gave me some small covers – thank you Michelle and Hannah! Now I have a stash that should be big enough to get us through the tiny stage, and covers for the prefolds and flats I already have. I love it when I need something, and then it is just provided, and I love it when I am able to provide someone else with something that they need….the best part is that neither of these generous women had even read my post yet!

So, here is Elliott in all of his cloth bum glory:

That is one giant-looking diaper! I giggle out loud every time I look at this picture. (It’s a one-size diaper – we’ll probably stick to smaller ones for a bit.) He is growing fast, though. I’m already purging the clothes that are too small for him. (Does anyone need newborn boy clothes?)

I think we’re making some progress on the overall family adjustment, and on Alex’s adjustment in particular. Or maybe I’m just doing a better job of keeping my emotional cool. Here she is showing off her lacing beads from the Target dollar spot:

Last night she told me she wanted a hug. I thought she meant she wanted one from me, but then she went over to Elliott and gave him a big hug and kiss. Sweet girl!

I realize that I am at risk of alienating any blog readers who tire of hearing stories and seeing pictures of my kids all.the.time. So, ask me your questions! On what fascinating topics would you like to hear my thoughts?


One Response to “Cuteness”

  1. earthanddust Says:

    I like your thoughts! Elliott looks swank! And I must admit to laughing out loud when I read that Alex peed on the floor. HAHA! Don’t worry, my turn is coming (eventually) 😀

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