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It’s hard to write every day! November 6, 2010

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I was so excited to finally get a new camera with my birthday money tonight! According to all of the Amazon user reviews, my new camera takes great indoor photos, so I’m hoping I’ll be inspired to be a little more diligent about documenting daily life in the Fox household. Sadly, there are no new camera photos tonight, as the battery is charging. I did manage to take a couple of shots on my old camera today, though. Here is Elliott lounging at COSI this morning on a play date with Alex’s best friend. I love COSI. We have a membership that I haven’t used consistently for a few months, but I’m planning to make it a part of our weekly routine for the winter. It’s fun, it’s only a ten minute drive, and it has lots of open space for Alex to get out her energy. She was going nonstop there today, and had so much fun climbing and running and practicing her imaginative play in their kitchen and doctor’s office play areas. Elliott slept in the ergo most of the morning, but I managed to catch him with his eyes open after lunch. At almost four weeks old, he is such a chill kid. He does have a little fussy/gassy time in the evenings but it really is only a few minutes, and I’m working on clearing dairy from my diet. The past couple of nights, he’s only awakened twice a night, which is a nice switch from every 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Alex is doing well, too. Here she is this evening “making dinner,” which she declared was hummus. (I love hearing her say “It’s hummus time!”) She is acting very much her age these days, but seems to be adjusting pretty well to being a sister. She loves to hug and kiss Elliott – usually right before she yanks his pacifier out of his mouth. The first thing she says in the morning is “Where’s Elliott?” (Then she usually says, “I want to watch Caillou!” Sigh.)

Now, both of them are sleeping, which is probably a sign that I should head to bed, too. Sleep well, dear ones!


2 Responses to “It’s hard to write every day!”

  1. Deb Says:

    Yay for pictures! I can’t wait to see some good ones of your loves. I had to comment because Silvie is obsessed with Caillou and at first I was totally fine with that but after the 80th time through the DVD I am about to scratch his imbecilic little eyes out!

    • amyjoyfox Says:

      We usually watch him streaming on Netflix, so at least we’re not limited to one DVD. I’m a fan of how normal and realistic his parents are. I also like that his mom isn’t super skinny. 🙂

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