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NaBloPoMo, Day 2 November 2, 2010

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Yesterday was a rough day for parenting a toddler in our house. I was prepared to share all of my failings and ask for advice, but it’s a new day now, and I’m feeling more confident in my parenting choices again, and (kind of) more rested and ready to be patient and actively engaged in teaching and practicing get off my butt parenting with my lovely and funny 2 year old who is establishing her independence and getting used to sharing her world with a little boy who grunts a lot and tolerates her kisses, but otherwise doesn’t offer her much in return.

I do want to ask for a little advice, though – does anyone have brilliant ideas for large muscle activities that can easily be done inside one’s house? Alex is really into climbing lately and needs some exercise to keep her busy, but I’ve had a hard time getting her to the playground and while I’m not opposed to playing in the backyard when it’s cold, I know it’s only going to get colder this winter, and I won’t always want to bundle up Elliott and go outside with her…and I’m also not comfortable letting her go out by herself when it’s too cold to leave the back door open so that I can keep an eye on her.

Elliott is three weeks old now. He is a snuggly, grunty bundle of boy. I think I need to stop eating dairy to prevent colic, but when he isn’t gassy he’s a pretty content kid. He still sleeps a lot more than I remember Alex sleeping, but is awake a little more every day. (including almost three hours from 11:30-2:30 last night) I would post lots of cute pictures, but my camera doesn’t take great indoor photos, and he is also in that not-so-cute baby acne stage.

That is all. Happy election day!


6 Responses to “NaBloPoMo, Day 2”

  1. Patti Says:

    i’ve got a little climber/slide that you can have. it never went together quite right, which is mildly irritating, but my boys used it for quite a while. it does take up a good 4′ square of space, though.

    what about a mini-trampoline?

  2. Kinda Says:

    Anna used to love those bouncy/hoppy balls with the handle!

  3. We have a small exercise trampoline that is great for winter play. Also, she’s not too young to enjoy yoga dvds which can have the added bonus of teaching some patience and calming practices eventually. My daughter loves Wai Lana.

  4. Deb Says:

    I love that you’re blogging every day. It’s like a mini-chat with Amy 🙂

    Do you have enough room for her to ride a trike around the house? The Sprout can’t pedal yet but she has a little scooter that she zooms around with when she’s feeling speedy.

  5. Amyjoy Says:

    Thanks for some great ideas, everyone! Patti, I think we might have the same slide in our backyard, but I just don’t have a grea place for it in the house. I am going to look into getting a little trampoline or hoppy ball, and some yoga. And we already have a balance bike and the room to ride it on the house – she was a tad too short when we first got it, but I think it’s time to reintroduce it.

  6. sj Says:

    My idea is to get a substantial hook and bolt it into the ceiling, tie a climbing rope with knots, and let her drag couch cushions under it for catching falls, and climb away!! 😀

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