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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! November 1, 2010

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Happy November! I just learned that is is NaBloPoMo! Now I have an official reason to challenge myself to write on a a daily basis. According to my grad school education, it takes 30 days to make a habit, so here I go. I also had my husband recently extol the benefits of taking on new experiences and challenges, and committing to blogging daily for a month is certainly a new challenge for my poorly disciplined self.

*It is also NaNoWriMo, for those of you who have a novel floating around in your head.* Consider yourself nudged.

Happy day after Halloween! I’m a little ambivalent about All Hallow’s Eve itself, but it does have a lot of significance for me, as it marks the beginning the best time of year – my very own extended holiday season that encompasses my favorite days – my birthday, Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas, the New Year! What is there not to love about brainstorming gifts for people, spending time with relatives, looking up new recipes? I love it so much that I even try to extend it to Epiphany. AND, I think that I can even start early from here on out, with Elliott’s birthday.

Of course, I usually have all kinds of ideas of gifts and new traditions to start for our family, but I have an inclination to have lots of ideas and little follow-through on implementing them. (see above mention of some lack of discipline) I’m hoping to get it together by the time the kids are old enough to remember traditions…

So far, we alternate years of spending either Thanksgiving or Christmas with our respective families of origin. I try to watch “Love Actually” at some point and drink lots of egg nog lattes. I like to attempt handmade gifts, but it can be hard to come up with something as nice as the generous gifts that our relatives give to us. My goal this year is to make stockings for everyone in our family, and start using them on Christmas morning…

Now it’s your turn – what are your favorite holiday traditions? What does this time of year say to you?


3 Responses to “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!”

  1. priscilla Says:

    so happy you’re going to blog regularly, or attempt to. impressive, specially with your new little buddy around. it’s my favorite season as well, for exactly the same reasons!

  2. amyjoyfox Says:

    I totally thought of you, P, when I was writing this! Happy birthday week!!

  3. sj Says:

    We should have a “love actually” watching party!! (perhaps for girls only?) I have the same inclination for lots of ideas and not much follow through – but that’s what I love about blogging, if the ideas never get expressed in life action at least they have a place to get expressed in writing so that they are not forgotten :}

    Your closing questions bring out the long-winded side of me so I don’t think I’ll answer them here and now 😀 lest you suffer from my inability to summarize.

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