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little helper January 25, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — amyjoyfox @ 4:08 am

yesterday alex was playing in her room while i was putting away some laundry in our room. as usual, i had carried my cup of coffee upstairs with us. i thought i left it on her dresser, but apparently it was on her little table instead, since a few minutes later she came into our room trying to hand me what looked like a gross brown blob. it was, in fact, the wet wipe that she got when my coffee spilled on the floor so that she could try cleaning it out of the carpet. at least she’s learning to clean up after herself!


One Response to “little helper”

  1. earthanddust Says:

    Amy, that is SO cute.
    I remember my mother having us do chores when we were three years old – certainly set a good habit! 😉

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