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ch, ch, ch, ch, changes….. January 16, 2010

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it seems that a lot of blogs are getting set aside in favor of the convenience of facebook, this one included. as usual with the new year, though, i’ve been feeling a renewed commitment to write here. if nothing else, it has become alex’s baby book of sorts, and there are things i would like to remember about being her mama these days…

it’s hard to believe that my last entry was before her surgery in october. that seems like such a distant memory. the surgery went very well in the capable hands of dr. jayanthi, as did the follow-up ultrasound. we don’t worry that another infection is just waiting around the bend anymore. there are no more daily antibiotics, no more second-guessing if we should be checking for a fever or not. we’re just living normal daily life with a toddler, and it is what it is.

the toughest part of alex’s surgical recovery was a disruption to our nights. before the surgery, she had been going to bed well and sleeping consistently through the night for several months. after the surgery, she started waking several times a night (fear and some pain, i’m sure), and we got into the habit of night nursing again. after the recovery period, she started getting molars, daylight savings time changed, and then the holidays, all of which kept interrupting the glorious sleep that we used to have. then, at christmas she apparently started what the internet calls the “18 month sleep regression,” and not only woke during the night but started screaming a lot when we put her to bed and then tried to get her back to sleep at night. sigh. BUT, this week we seem to be having a turnaround – for the past two or three days, she’s gone to bed at night and naps without a peep – just a little chat with the new teddy bear that she got from grandpa. 🙂 thanks, dad!

aside from sleep, things have been good, though. right after thanksgiving, alex finally started walking independently on a consistent basis, at the ripe old age of (just turned) 17 months. just like i knew it would, my worry that she would never walk on her own seem silly now, and she is taking the world by storm. she’s 18 1/2 months old now, and the best word i can think of to describe her is….BUSY. (as in, i am no longer able to just take a shower and trust that she’ll simply entertain herself with her toys or the pets for a few minutes, or if she’s really feeling spunky, unroll the toilet paper. no, now it’s things like dumping the cat food all over the floor or trying to brush her hair with the toilet brush which she managed to snag from the hard-to-reach corner.) i wouldn’t describe her as difficult or strong-willed, but she’s definitely entering the realm of figuring out her boundaries. she’s also learning the meaning of “timeout.” rather, she gets put into timeout several times a week. i’m not sure she really knows what it is yet. but she does know enough to do everything in her power to avoid eye contact with me when i say “look at mama,” so that i can explain that “no, we do not scream like a banshee because we do not get what we want.”

i’ve read that when kids hit 18 months, their knowledge grows exponentially, and i believe it. every day alex is picking up so many new words and skills, and it’s so much fun to see her mind work and grow. she’s also a sweet, snuggly girl who loves her mama, dada, cat and dog. she’s been in a bit of a needy stage with me, but that seems to be waning now that the holidays and travel are over, and we’re getting back to our normal schedule.

speaking of schedule, i should be getting to bed myself now. keep checking back, though – there is much more to discuss. until then, my question of the day is this (for those of you who graciously read all of the above): how have your friday nights changed as you’ve gotten older? i used to make sure i went out with friends every week. now, i usually watch one of those weird true crime mysteries on dateline or 20/20 and then go to bed. ha – i used to wonder who watched those shows. now i know. 🙂


4 Responses to “ch, ch, ch, ch, changes…..”

  1. sarah jo Says:

    I’m SO tempted to replicate your layout 🙂 I used to go out on Friday’s also and stay up REALLY late (often, I admit, on dates 🙂 Now I stay home on much better dates and get to bed a little earlier ;). Matt was laughing about Alex combing her hair with the toilet bowl brush…when my sister was little and potty-training (I hope she doesn’t kill me for this 😉 she sleep-walked a ton. Once, my dad saw her go into my brother’s room, where he found her sitting on his head getting ready to-you-know-what! HA. Kids are great 🙂

  2. sarah jo Says:

    wow – I used alot of smiley’s huh…you don’t realize it until it converts them from text to images.

  3. judy Says:

    Glad things are going great for you. I miss your entries. Please don’t stop. 🙂

  4. melissa Says:

    We have small group from Church two Fridays a month. The other Fiday nights we stay at home, watch T>V, play on the computer, maybe have a project to work on or do a lot of nothing. Give the child a hair brush of some sort!

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