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for better and worse August 9, 2009

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i stumbled across this article in the new york times this morning, and found it to pretty profound. it is about taking responsibility for our own emotions and giving others the space to do so as well, and how, sometimes, the best way to fight for your marriage is by refusing to fight. i have a feeling that if more people took the approach of this writer, maybe the divorce rate would not be quite as high.


3 Responses to “for better and worse”

  1. a very interesting read. pretty sure it’s not a route that would work for a lot of people, but it’s good to see it worked for that author.

  2. Beth Says:

    that is a very sacrificial perspective to have. Kind of fascinating really, thx for sharing.

  3. coltsfan Says:

    i’m finally catching up on reading my friends’ blogs and came across this post. i really wish we could have coffee or tea and discuss it for a a while, because i think our initial interpretations of it might be different. your title emphasizes a permanent approach to marriage — “for better or worse.” but that’s not what i found in the article. i think she was referencing the philosophic principles of Stoicism, which are pretty dang compatible with Buddhism. In fact, by using quotation marks for the phrase “The End of Suffering,” she’s making a direct reference to the core of Buddhist teachings, and quite probably to a book/lifestyle guru at

    man would this make for a great discussion! greetings to daniel and alex.

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