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crafty inspiration August 2, 2009

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we’ve had a couple of weeks of fighting illness here, and i’m pretty sure that alex is going to break out in a roseola rash today or tomorrow, so i’m keeping her home from church today and am taking some sabbath rest for myself while she naps. hello, internet and second cup of coffee!
the past few days, alex has really been having fun with play food. she got these cute cupcakes for her birthday, and i found some great wooden food on clearance this week for about $3. she’s really getting into pretend eating, and i can’t wait until she is ready to play with a play kitchen. while something like this is certainly lovely, i somehow can’t justify spending as much on a play kitchen as i would on a real stove. so, i’m looking for ideas on making my own, and here are a few of my favorites:
easiest and most likely for me to make
very cute, and i might give it a try
pretty cool ikea hack
super-cute one make from found items and scraps
inspiration for filling the cupboards

what are you dreaming of making?


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