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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

fathers, etc. June 21, 2009

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when i really stop to think about it, i’m a little overwhelmed at how fortunate and blessed i’ve been to have been born into the circumstances that have become my life. through no effort of my own, i ended up with a pretty great dad.
saturday mornings he let us sleep with him on lazy weekend mornings, he always provided for us, even if it meant working three jobs at once. he built a life that allowed for my mom to stay at home with us. he is a great teacher, and a man of integrity. he has taught my brother and i to take responsibility for our choices, and also has made it clear that he loves and supports us even if our choices are different from his. he continues to give generously to our family and to families around the world. he builds garden beds for me, and supports pastors in india. he is my dad, and i love him. happy father’s day, dad!

i’ve also been blessed to have married a great father.
daddy from the moment of her birth, daniel has loved alex more than i think either of us ever thought was possible to love another person. he makes her laugh and he protects her. he works hard to provide for us and build a life that allows for me to stay at home and care for her. i recently heard a professional comment that “daughters need their fathers to love them, and their mothers to accept them.” i have no doubt that alex will know she is deeply loved and valued by her father, and i have to say, that gives me a lot of peace as i think of raising a girl in this culture. i love you, daniel! happy father’s day!


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