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all about the children May 15, 2009

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did you know that may is national foster care month? did you know that i spent approximately 10 years before staying at home with alex working with foster children in one capacity or another? needless to say, it’s a issue that is close to my heart. i think a lot of people are hesitant to foster because of the uncertainty of how long a child might be in your home, or a fear of being overwhelmed by the issues that have brought a child the the place of needing care. but i also know that a lot of children (and parents) have been kept from falling totally through the cracks by being part of a nurturing, consistent home for a season.

so, in honor of foster care month, here is some basic information to get you started in columbus, if you’re so called or inclined. and, wherever you may live (in the u.s.), if you have a calling or inclination for adopting the children who aren’t able to go back to their birth families, here is some information for you.

thanks for looking!


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