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and all these things… March 27, 2009

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yesterday, i was looking at alex’s cute shoes, thinking that it would be fun to get her another pair so that she has some options, and that maybe i could justify getting the cheaper brand at target, even though in reality her shoes basically serve to keep her socks on and she has no need for another pair, and i’m trying to be a good steward of our resources, etc. but oh, baby shoes are cute! a little while later, i checked my email and had a facebook message telling me that i had won a free pair of isabooties! it was part of a giveaway i had entered a few months ago and forgotten, and this week i happened to be one of the daily winners. hurrah! so i got busy and picked out this pair in the size that alex will be ready for this summer.

i’m thinking that God might be laughing at me a little in all of this. when i quit my job to stay home with alex, the numbers didn’t really make sense on paper, but we were pretty confident that it was the right decision for our family, and took a step of faith that our needs would be met. lately, i’ve been feeling a little anxious about our needs. daniel is working hard and doing a great job of providing for us, and skreened is a growing, profitable business, which in itself is quite a feat in this economy. but we’re still catching up from the beginning of skreened and our investment in it, and we have employees to support, and our health insurance is way more than we had thought it would be because alex has a pre-existing condition which isn’t that big of a deal in her life, but is for the insurance companies, and so i’ve been a bit of a worrier, even though we always have just what we need. and then God goes ahead and gives me a free pair of hip, eco-friendly baby shoes. and free starbucks last week when i was grumbling because daniel wanted to buy a latte for a friend. and free tip top for him the night before when i was grumbling because he was going out with a friend who really needed his support at the time. silly me. maybe it’s time to stop the worrying.


3 Responses to “and all these things…”

  1. joy eversole Says:

    Praise be to God! sometimes we get what we want and there is always the promise that we’ll have what we need.

  2. jenny Says:

    if you guys need any shoes or clothes let me know!

  3. Sarah Jo Says:

    I know what you mean! I’ve been worried about the cost of wedding stuff and then my friend calls from mississippi and offers me a free wedding dress from her boutique!! (and then your dad sent an amazingly generous amount to help too) My faith is ridiculously frail. 🙂

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