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nine months March 26, 2009

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nine months

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alex turned nine months old today. to celebrate, we went the the conservatory to see the butterflies. ok – we didn’t really go to celebrate, but we did go to hang out with sarain and mink, and to get out of the house. usually the conservatory is pretty quiet on weekdays, but apparently it is spring break and it was a rainy day, so lots of parents seemed to think that seeing the annual butterfly exhibit would be a great way to spend quality time with their children. we quickly left the butterfly room and checked out the other wings, including this fountain, at which alex finally discovered the art of splashing.

doesn’t she look kind of grown-up? this picture is a little deceptive – while she stands pretty well when we stand her against something, alex isn’t pulling herself up or cruising yet. she also isn’t doing a full-on official crawl, but gets around quite nicely with her army crawl. she has chosen her first word (aside from “mama” and “dada,” which are a little hit and miss with their accuracy.) the big word is “cat”! it sounds a little more like “tat,” and she uses it for both the cat and the dog, but she definitely knows that it is the word for her pets, and does a pretty good job of pointing out cats in her books. she also says “hi” (more like “ha!”) while waving, which she likes to do a lot. she’s getting increasingly social, and seems to really like being around people. overall, she’s turning into a pretty happy, easy-going child, which i am so, so thankful for. she does have strong opinions, but generally is really a lot of fun.


3 Responses to “nine months”

  1. deb Says:

    And she is totally adorably cute!

  2. melissa Says:

    What a cute, sweet great nice I have! Her Mother was a cutie,too.

  3. jenny Says:

    what a cutie!!

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