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we owe each other the world. the world owes us nothing.

happy spring! March 21, 2009

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the times here are busy busy busy. every time i think about blogging, i want to wait until i have the perfect picture, or i would rather be outside, or the baby needs something. but now she (and daniel) is sleeping, it’s too dark to go outside, and all i’m doing is watching supernanny teach basic anger management skills and common sense consistency.

this story about michelle obama planting a ktichen vegetable and herb garden on the white house lawn makes me very happy, and even more excited about my own garden! last week my parents were here and dad went the extra mile by setting up and filling the two cedar square foot garden beds that he made for us. both of my parents went the extra mile, as usual – mom vacuumed air ducts, washed lots of dishes and raked lots of leaves that were left over from last fall. dad set up the beds, did odd jobs around the house, and treated us all to a lovely dinner at our neighborhood fine dining establishment. and, of course, both of them spent lots of time making alex giggle. mom came a couple of days before dad, and taught alex how to “ride the horse,” which was, in fact, mom’s foot. she also taught her peek-a-boo with a blanket, which is alex’s new favorite game.

since they left on sunday, we’ve gotten more done outside – gridding the garden beds, raking more leaves, buying seeds, etc. i’m hoping to plant my early crops tomorrow. alex does a great job of playing on a blanket in the yard while i putter around in an attempt to be productive. i’ve only had to dig a leaf out of her mouth twice, which isn’t too bad considering that she still examines pretty much everything with her mouth.

i’ve been thinking lately about how being a mother impacts the way i feel about life and particularly tragedy. for example, i’ve found myself feeling pretty strong sorrow at the death of natasha richardson, the actress who had a freak ski accident resulting in a traumatic brain injury this week. i would have been sad before having a child, but somehow, the thought of two young boys living life so fully and then losing their mother so suddenly and unexpectedly really hits me deeply and intensely – earthly life is so fragile, and we have no way of knowing when it might end. it could have just as easily been alex losing a mother suddenly. i don’t want to take life for granted. at the same time, i don’t want to live in fear. of course, i believe that life is eternal, and i really don’t think i fear death, but i would prefer to be around for my daughter as long as possible, y’know?

on that note, i must get some sleep. happy weekend! get some sunshine.


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