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you are invited! February 13, 2009

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sunday night tea is back! if you’re looking for a peaceful, social way to start your week, come on over around seven this sunday evening and most of the ones in future weeks. stay for an hour or a few, have some homemade chai, make some new friends. i sent out a few facebook invites, but just as a base list, so come on over even if you didn’t get one! (you can bring your kids, too!) no need to bring anything, but leave a comment or shoot me an email if you think you might come, just for a general head count. also, let me know if you need to know where we live.

we have a dog and a cat. they are very sweet, and child/people friendly, but also hairy, so if you have allergies, take your medicine first.


3 Responses to “you are invited!”

  1. Jessi Binkley Says:

    I wish, I wish with all my heart I could go!!!

  2. Lisa Says:

    What a lovely, lovely idea!

  3. arose Says:

    i wish i could come for sunday nite tea. i miss that business.

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