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random links and babbling about books for baby February 11, 2009

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reading has been one of my favorite things to do ever since i can remember, and i truly hope that alex loves it at least as much as i do. lately, i’ve been thinking about the best books i’ve been able to read with her, and here are a few of them.

last week, my dear friend angie came over for tea, and brought this book for alex. it very quickly became our favorite – i love it because it really does give a diverse glimpse of babies from around the world, but alex just outrights adores it. every time i open it for her, she starts talking to the baby faces, and it is so darn cute.

this is her other favorite book, except that our copy has a spanish cover, and is bilingual. we like bilingual books here, and this one is by eric carle, and is so pretty!

i picked up a copy of this piece of art several years ago, and can’t wait until alex is ready for it.

how about you? do you have a favorite book for wee ones?


One Response to “random links and babbling about books for baby”

  1. elle Says:

    oh, that global babies book looks fantastic! heron LOVES seeing other babies!

    i just picked this board book up:
    it’s really lovely!


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