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for all of our relatives in florida and more temperate climates January 28, 2009

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front porch

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the winter storm of 2009 is here, at least according to our newscasters. i’m always one part amused and one part concerned about the ridiculousness of sending reporters out to do live reports about the weather, in which they tell everyone to stay inside unless they absolutely have to go somewhere. it’s almost as silly as having a reporter do a live shot in the dark outside of a courthouse for the eleven o’clock news to talk about a case that took place when it was actually daylight, hours earlier. really? does this contribute anything to our understanding of the news? am i just being overly critical?

anyhoo, i hope you’re all staying warm and cozy today!


One Response to “for all of our relatives in florida and more temperate climates”

  1. deb Says:

    I also find the reporters of the “snowpocalypse” or other such nonsense to be a source of amusement. Sometimes they’ll halt all other programming for “breaking news” that it is snowing outside. Ummm…that’s why we have windows, right?

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