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seven months, one day old January 26, 2009

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seven months, one day

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today alex got a parcel in the mail from her great-aunt, my aunt melissa. along with a cute framed teddy bear cross-stitch and a book for me to read was this gorgeous handmade quilt! what i love about it is that it is big for a big-kid bed, and she’ll be able to use it for years. my aunt melissa has always given great handmade gifts. we use an afghan that she made, and i have memories of numerous gifts when i was child. she also was the first person to teach me to crochet – she taught me more than once over the years! in addition, i always loved to hear stories of her travels to places like europe and alaska when i was growing up. thank you so much, melissa, and know that we will cherish this gift for years to come!


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  1. melissa Says:

    I sewed the top years ago and had our cousin, Thelma Glick quilt. I used it for a few years untill i got a full bed.

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