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seven month update January 26, 2009

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alex turned seven months old yesterday, and some highlights of the past month have included:
-mastering sitting up on her own
-rolling/scooting across the floor
-eating solid foods on a daily basis
-drinking water out of a sippy cup
-starting to sound like she’s actually saying “dada” and “cat” at the -appropriate times
-going to the church nursery on a weekly basis
-going to lap time at the library on a weekly basis
-responding with glee to her dad and the cat and dog
-using her own original sign language to tell me when she wants to be picked up
-recognizing animals in books (i think) – as in, she’ll meow sometimes when she sees a cat in a book, like she does when she sees our real cat.

crawling is coming soon, i can feel it! i guess we should get a couple of baby gates, eh?


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