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how does your garden grow? January 26, 2009

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i’m not really a gardener. i think my mom tried to get me interested when i was little, but i always preferred to stay inside and read instead of weeding things outside. since we moved into our house with its spacious backyard, i’ve had the desire to grow things, but very little discipline and time. (not to mention that i was a children’s services caseworker and a grad student for most of that time.) one year i planted a few pepper and tomato plants, but alas – the tomatoes never grew, and days would go by with me forgetting that i needed to water things.
i’m determined that this year will be different, though. i’ll be at home, alex will be big enough to play outside while i tend to the garden, the huge tree that blocked the sun is gone, and my dad is building square-foot gardening raised beds for me.
here’s where i need your help. does anyone out there have square-foot gardening experience? more importantly, who has experience growing things in columbus? what’s the best resource for knowing when to plant things here? i have a vision of growing some of the following:
leaf lettuce, spinach, peas, tomatoes, various peppers, maybe strawberries, carrots and squash.
speak your words of wisdom!


3 Responses to “how does your garden grow?”

  1. maureen Says:

    jeff cannell and jard boyd (i think jarded does it) use the square foot garden approach. you should post this question on the cv garden blog.

    i’ve seen lots of success w/ runner beans, tomatoes, peppers, summer squash- very standard. the more exotic my choices- things start to deteriorate.

  2. Moxie Says:

    Have you thought about doing earth boxes instead of raised beds? Rod built a bunch for our garden deck and had great success with them. It’s the same principle as square foot gardening in that you grow in a small, confined space, but with the benefit of a built in watering system. You can buy kits or find online instructions on how to create your own. We went with the build your own type. Here’s a website on the basics–

  3. jenny Says:

    we are planning on doing a garden club meeting about square foot gardening. show up and learn all about it!!

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