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January 13, 2009

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happy new year, new week and new day!

we’re figuring out what the new normal is here now that the holidays are over and the days mostly belong to me and alex. i’m also trying to figure out how to engage with the larger world outside of childrearing and recipes. are there any insights out there on how to do this successfully?

yesterday the little girl and i finally made it to baby laptime at the library with sarain and mink, and i was actually a little sad that it’s taken us this long to get there! for sure, it will be staking out its rightful place in our weekly schedule. i love the main library downtown, and the children’s staff are super-fun and capable. we also ran into a mom from our childbirth class with her little girl, resulting in one more family to add to our playdate list. today, i switched to the bigger carseat (not due to alex’s weight, but her super-tall length that results in her legs hanging out over the infant seat) and that meant that when we went to the grocery store, she got to sit up in the cart for the first time. whew – we have pretty exciting times around here! truly exciting is the possibility that alex and i may be making the trek to d.c. next week for inauguration festivities. in case our driving companion can’t come (they’re figuring out now if they’re able to make the trip), is there anyone out there who would like to join us?
that is all.


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  1. Carol Nowlin Says:

    Play dates and moms groups are the best thing to keep connected to the outside world. Lap time at the library is good too. I find things that are regularly scheduled are much better than always trying to find time and remember to schedule with others.

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