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Christmas overview December 28, 2008

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it’s a sunny sunday afternoon, and even though it seems like the world is kind of done with christmas, i’m choosing to celebrate the actual twelve days of christmas – the days between christmas day and epiphany – so that i can keep relishing in the festive feeling. 🙂

on this fourth day of christmas (the feast of the holy innocents) i’m thankful that we’ve been having a week that really is relaxing and peaceful. i had a lot of fun with my parents, and watching them be grandparents. it was nice to have adult company during the day, and to have ever-willing hands to help love alex. we also saw a bit of the city, with a christmas eve visit to the art musuem and a spontaneous excursion to the conservatory, both of which i’ve never been to, in spite of them being within walking distance of our house. (i’ve been to franklin park many times, but never inside the conservatory.) i actually left the conservatory with a membership that allows me to bring a guest anytime, so if you want a picnic in the rain forest, let me know! i decided to wait on cosi or the zoo, since the conservatory is less than half the price of either, has sounds and sights and textures that keep alex’s attention, and is the perfect place to find air-conditioning when we walk to the park in the summer. (or the perfect place to hang out when it’s rainy and we want to get out of the house.)

my parents are also practitioners of the mennonite/german work ethic, so my dad raked our backyard (a big project) and hauled away large scrap wood and a broken dresser, while mom washed lots of dishes and changed many, many diapers, and both of them babysat to give us the glorious gift of a date night. thanks, mom and dad!

in addition to the holiday, alex turned six months old. in the past few days, she’s really started mimicking noises and actions, and it’s been a lot of fun. today she started sticking out her tongue on purpose. a few days ago, she made a lot of noise while filling her diaper – you know the sound i’m talking about. i looked at her, she looked at me, smiled, and then promptly imitated the noise her bottom just made by by blowing out her lips. it figures that our daughter’s first joke is about poop.

so, what are you looking forward to this week? i am looking forward to, in no particular order, the following:
lunch with nikki and her girls
having the monstrous mulberry tree in our backyard removed
cleaning out our “office” room, which has become quite a black hole


2 Responses to “Christmas overview”

  1. joy eversole Says:

    The amaryllis that i bought at the conservatory was sending up green shoots when i opened the bag. it’s good i planted it and my 2 other ones from previous winters on dec. 28. i’m hoping for 2 blooming stems on the conservatory plant.
    the next visit to ohio will include at visit to the conservatory.

  2. sarah jo Says:

    ohhh…a conservatory! You had your own rain forest experience! 🙂 Matthew and I went to an Epiphany service last Sunday, it was wonderful and thought provoking. And poop jokes are inevitable when you have children [or so I have heard] 🙂
    It was nice to talk with you on the phone. Take care.

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