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little elf December 23, 2008

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this is alex’s best dazed and confused look. it usually happens when i use the flash, so i don’t do that very often.

so sorry for the lack of substance, but i have to do some vacuuming now. thanks for the thoughts on the zoo versus cosi. i do have a question of the day, however:

what do you think about having children believe in santa claus?

my parents always told us that he wasn’t real, but we still got to enjoy the fun – we went to see the mall santa on occasion, and we usually had a gift that was “from santa,” but we knew he was just a story. i like that approach, and plan to use it with alex. what about you?

merry christmas eve eve!


5 Responses to “little elf”

  1. deb Says:

    I think I have a similar point of view. I’d like my child to know that what I tell her is true and that I would never intentionally deceive her. But I also want her to know the great Christmas traditions like Saint Nicholas.

    The biggest problem I see is that kids who know that Santa “isn’t real” can ruin it for kids who do believe in Santa.

  2. nikkip Says:

    let’s talk about my struggle with the santa claus issue on monday when we actually get to spend face-to-face time together!!! yay! 🙂

  3. jenny Says:

    we don’t tell our children that santa is real for a few reasons. one i think it takes away from the jesus centered experience that we so want for them. second (and we get a lot of flack for this) we believe it’s lying and can’t in good conscious tell them not to lie and do it to them. a lot has been done “in the name of fun” that i still can’t step with. we tell our kids that people pretend that santa brings us gifts and that he is a generous person. but we liken him to like a cartoon character, no expectation of him being real. im not outright opposed to my kids having their pics with santa, though they havnt simply bcs im not going to pay to have my kids picture taken in that way. maybe im cheap? 🙂

  4. joy eversole Says:

    because dad didn’t have regular work for 2 years when you were little, a or some relative bought a gift and put on from santa so that you would have gifts to open at the eversole family christmas eve dinner. I don’t know which eversole it was. we never gave you gifts from santa. the photo of you with santa was taken a small counrty scottsburg store where dad delivered newspapers free of charge. the store was a forerunner of the gas station convience stores.


  5. joy eversole Says:

    the photo was free, not the newspaper The Couier Journal

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