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December 21, 2008

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happy christmas week, dear ones!

i’ve been decking our halls and feeling like a little house elf scurrying around to prepare for visitors this week. it’s a happy scurrying, and i like it. it’s a lovely sunday, and i’m excited to go to church this morning. i have the newish david sedaris book waiting for me to read. all in all, it’s a good day! (on the topic of books – i’m somewhere around number 1406 on the waiting list at the library for “twilight,” and am wondering if it is worth it to buy a cheap paperback copy of it. any opinions?)

i can’t remember how i found this, but my favorite new cooking blog is a year of crockpotting. the “crockpot lady” made a resolution to use her crockpot every day in 2008, and posts her recipes, complete with little tips and a final review – including whether or not her kids liked the food of the day. most of the recipes are pretty simple, and fun – who knew you could make falafel in a slow-cooker?

what are your plans for the holiday? this afternoon, daniel’s dad and family are coming over for our gift exchange, and we will be celebrating with his mom and her family after christmas. in the meantime, my parents are coming to columbus on tuesday evening and leaving on saturday. we are planning to go here, and i’m more excited than one might expect – probably because i’ve been wanting to check it out for the past 4 1/2 years, but keep forgetting to go on sundays when admission is free. i used to frequent this place pretty regularly, and miss it.

the talk of museums brings me to a question for columbus locals. if you had to choose, would you find a family membership to the zoo or to COSI more beneficial? (keeping in mind that we live about ten minutes from COSI and considerably further from the zoo.)

that is all. happy sunday!


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  1. Lara Says:

    I bet you could borrow from someone. I have a copy I bought for $6… if I read it before I leave Ohio, I’ll drop it off for you. šŸ™‚

  2. maureen Says:

    good question. we have a zoo membership and have loved using it. i’m considering adding a cosi membership but just found out it is not open monday or tuesday. you have to pay for parking and it is only open 10am-5pm. so that might be difficult w/ scheduling a nap in there- or make for shorter visits.

    i think i might postpone adding cosi until next winter. that way she will be a little older and able to appreciate the interactive aspects of it.

    the main benefit of cosi is the whole something to do in february when it’s cold and you’re stir crazy.

  3. melissa Says:

    i want to go to the Harley Davison or the Motorcycle museum, with your brother.

  4. jenny Says:

    i’m not so much surprised that you can make falafel in a crockpot as wondering why you would! i also like that blog. and bakerella! love her stuff!

    we got a zoo and cosi pass for christmas (somehow i already know this) and i would do cosi personally. esp since alex is wee. the play area for kids >5 is banging there! they have water tables that olive is obsessed with.

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