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December 15, 2008

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I stumbled across this in my annual quest to find the perfect nativity set. I think it’s awesome, and I would love to make it. Unfortunately, I’m kind of opposed to buying crochet patterns when so many are free online. So maybe I’ll just play around with it and see if I can design my own. Or maybe someone will get me the pattern for Christmas. I have been practicing arigurumi (the Japanese art of making crocheted stuffed creatures) recently, however. I used this with a few minor modifications to make a mouse and rabbit for Alex’s cousin Sami for Christmas, and now I might be a little addicted, and am pretty sure I’ll be making a few more.

Alex met Sami and her other cousins, Zachary and Hannah, this past weekend when the Fox contingent from Sarasota came to town. The kids are actually her first cousins once-removed (I think), and are the children of Daniel’s uncle Larry and his wife Jennifer. It was so lovely to meet Sami (ten months old) and see everyone else again, and to introduce Alex to her great-grandparents. I haven’t had any living grandparents of my own for a number of years, and Grama and Grampa have embraced me so wonderfully into the family.

I’m curious about how the Christmas spirit affects each of you, if it does. My mom keeps asking about how I’m decorating our house, but to be honest, I really don’t get into decorating for the holidays much beyond the tree. Instead, I’m finding myself dreaming of what I’m going to cook and bake, and how I can make gifts that aren’t too cheesy. But I know a number of people who get so much joy out of decking their halls beautifully. What about you?


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  1. priscilla Says:

    i think there’s something wrong with me cause every october i get hit with the christmas fever worse and worse each year. i love pulling out my christmas decorations and hiding away ordinary ones for the 3 months that i’m celebrating the holidays. i think i must just be getting nostalgic the older i get.

    speaking of nostalgia, growing up we had a ton of arigurumi ornaments hanging on our tree! i’m so excited you’re learning how to make them! can you teach us all on your blog how to do it?

  2. Erin Says:

    Amy – your comment about the quest for the perfect nativity set made me think of one that my mom made several years ago. She’s also opposed to buying patterns and whatnot when she could just come up with her own – she made a whole set out of shoe paper (seriously…the paper that comes inside a new pair of shoes!). It sounds crazy, but by the time she was done, it was so beautiful (she used big “purse paper” for the creche itself). After designing the bodies, she used yarn, wool, thread, beads, etc. to decorate the people and create some texture. 🙂 I bet you’ll make something just as fabulously creative…and then pass it down to your adorable little girl! 🙂

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